Agency Fees

In the interest of transparency, please find below a list of charges made to a tenant by PR Lettings & Management.  The only price shown in our property adverts is the calendar monthly rental cost of the property.  Tenancy application charges and possibly other fees will apply but can vary due to a customer’s individual circumstances or Landlords specific requirements and therefore excluded from the price shown.

The following fees will apply unless specifically stated within the advert:

Application Fees:

First Applicant - £125.00

Subsequent Applicants - £75.00

Guarantor Application - £75.00

Should an application fail as a result of the applicant not providing requested information or by giving false or misleading information, which in turn effects our ability to complete satisfactory referencing, and/or the applicant backs out of the agreement at any stage before the Tenancy Start Date, then the above fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Please note that un-disclosed adverse data may result in a decline of tenancy offer.


We typically require a deposit or bond equivalent to one months rent plus £100. (E.g.for a property thst costs £500.00 per month to rent then the deposit/bond due will be £600). This deposit/bond is held in a government backed scheme for security and is fully refundable if the condition of the property is the same as when the tenancy commenced (minus any fair wear and tear). If the condition is not the same then quotations will be obtained to get the property back to the same standard and this will be taken from the deposit/bond.

Should it be agreed that you are permitted to keep a pet at the property then an additional deposit/bond will be required to allow for the increased risks of damage.  Dependent on the Landlords request this will be from £150.

Should the Landlord request the application/property be withdrawn at any time before the tenancy start date, all fees will be refunded in full back to the tenant.

Additional Tenancy Fees:

Further fees may be applicable during a tenancy.  For a full list please contact our office.

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